Subethnicity: Abkhaz (Abzhua)
Settlement: Tamysh
Haplogroup: G2a2 > L14 > Z45580


The ancestor of the tested person was evicted to Turkey in 1864 from the village of Guma and belonged to the Gablia T’ıqw-ipaçwa. At the end of the XIX century, he was able to return to his homeland and settled in the village of Tamysh, where his kin Gablia T’ıqw-ipaçwa lived (Gablia living in the village of Otkhara in Bzyp Abkhazia call themselves Çk’wal-ipaçwa). Tamysh Gablia T’ıqw-ipaçwa belong to the class of aşnaqwma (lower nobility), occupying an intermediate position between noble aamsta and peasant anxaüı, but gravitating towards the latter, so marriages between aşnaqwma and anxaüı were a common practice. Descendants of Guma village live in Turkey in Derdin village (abk. Gaima), Vyacheslav Chirikba stated that this village had 20 households of Gablia (T’ıqw-ipaçwa) in 2014.

The origin of subclade G-L14 and related branch G-L645 is connected with Hattian tribes. Their spread across Europe was promoted by Greek colonization and then Roman expansion.


photo 2023 08 31 19 33 49
The tamga of the Gablia clan

Haplogroup and subclade

37 markers were tested in the YSEQ laboratory 

Haplogroup G2a has been identified, and a subclade leads to G-L14G-Z45580

Full path:
Adam > A0-T > A1 > A1b > BT > CT > CF > F > GHIJK > G > G-P287 > G-Y238 > G-P15 > G-L1259 > G-L30 > G-CTS574 > G-M406 > G-M3317 > G-FGC5089 > G-FGC5081 > G-Y2724 > G-L14 > G-S19451 > G-Z45567 > G-Z45043 > G-Y130402 > G-FT112645 > G-Y128528

image 100
Gablia 10

The subclade is common for the Neolithic population of Anatolia, tribes of the Hattian group.

image 103
Gablia 11

Pre-Indo-European languages of Anatolia descended from G2a2 (yellow colour).

image 104
Gablia 12

Y-STR markers and Y-STR haplotype

image 101
Gablia 13

Y-dna Predictor

image 102
Gablia 14

STR Match Finder


image 105
Gablia 15

Without DYS464 & CDY

image 106
Gablia 16

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